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Night Out On The Kaufmann Diet? Think Pho

think PHO
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Pho is a nutritious, delicious Vietnamese soup that when enjoyed in the right way fits into your Kaufman Diet.

When you are on the Kaufmann Diet, it can be difficult to find places to go out to eat while you are on your diet. Many of the foods that are offered at restaurants include ingredients that are not on permitted on The Kaufmann Diet; often times, these are obvious foods like bread, pasta, mushrooms, or sugar. Other times, it can be difficult to know exactly what you are eating and if it is ok for your diet––this is among the reasons why you are encouraged to cook for yourself and your family more often when you are on the diet. 

Some places are easier to navigate than others. A steak house, for example, is fairly easy; a steak, vegetables, and a salad are all things allowed on The Kaufman Diet, provided the salad dressing is Kaufmann Diet-approved. Other restaurants, however, can be more difficult to know for sure if what you are getting is ok for your diet, and are best to be avoided altogether.  One type of restaurant you might not think would be easy to navigate on The Kaufmann Diet, however, is a Vietnamese restaurant––specifically, one that serves pho. 

Pho is a delicious, bone-broth-based soup whose recipe originates in Vietnam. Pho consists of a broth that is either chicken or beef–based which uses bones simmered with spices for long periods of time, resulting in a flavorful broth that is both healthy and delicious. You have likely seen the myriad of benefits associated with eating bone broth––pho is essentially bone broth with additional spices like like cinnamon (which is a potent anti-fungal) and star anise. It might be the perfect base for a Kaufmann Diet soup. 

Pho is served with pieces of meat––usually chicken or beef, both of which are permitted on The Kaufmann Diet. It is also served with a side of vegetables, including bean sprouts, fresh mint leaves, fresh cilantro, and jalapeños. Usually lemon or limes are served as a garnish. The only thing that pho is usually served with that is not permitted on The Kaufmann One Diet is rice noodles, but it is perfectly acceptable to order pho with no rice noodles. If you are on Kaufmann Two, rice noodles can be enjoyed in moderation. 

If you are looking for a way to go out to eat while on The Kaufmann Diet and you are looking for something a little different, try finding your local Vietnamese spot that serves a hot bowl of pho. Look for restaurants that do not use ingredients like MSG, and it is likely advised to skip and sort of sauces served with pho, as these likely contain sugar or far too much sodium. However, the rich flavor of the broth mixed with vegetable garnishes is delicious enough to warrant being eaten on its own.

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