Food and Autism – a Link?

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read this article on a blogger’s forum that I visit frequently. This testimony is incredible – please go read it. 

I am not an expert on autism , but I know enough about it to know that parents of autistic kids are desperate. They spend every waking hour catering to the needs of their autistic kids, and they cling to every positive change of behavior, hoping against hope that their kids can be drawn out. When something good happens, they notice it.

Notice some of the foods that Ian began eating when his condition began to improve  – garlic, red onions, red peppers, olive oil – all whole, nutrient laden foods (that happen to be anti-fungal as well). Notice as well the foods that he craved – bagels, popcorn, granola – all processed, nutritionally vapid foods that feed fungi. If autism can be remedied simply with a change in diet, what causes autism? Does that ring true with other diseases of unknown origin? Reading articles like this delight and infuriate me. It is wonderful that people can fix their own health problem simply by eating right. It is criminal that this isn’t common knowledge.

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