Mummy Dearest and Bubba Ho-Tep



My days are filled with science as I continue to study the fungus link to symptoms and diseases. I enjoy doing this but I try not to let it consume me. In the middle of all of this, I occasionally get an email from my friend, Frank Jordan. You probably get his daily updates on this many tremendous products, as I do. But on occasion, he veers far from our ongoing beta glucan education. By the time I finished reading his article below, I was bent over with laughter.

Just so you know, late in 2017, I traveled extensively and lectured in different venues. It was wonderful, but I wasn’t.

I felt horrible and blamed it on the stress of preparing all of these lectures, combined with so much traveling. Then one day, I figured out why I was sick…I KNOW THE CAUSE! In October, I failed to purchase my standard 3 bottles of NSC100, or 10mg Beta Glucan. Like many of you, when I’m feeling 100%, I tend to overlook WHY I’m feeling 100%. Within weeks of stopping my NSC100, I got the flu and became very sick. Of course, I got back on the product and haven’t had a bad day since!

All of this is to say thank you, Frank! This article proves his comedic genius, which is superseded by his knowledge of our most important tissues, called the immune system. How does a man who studies so hard, runs a successful business and develops these lifesaving supplements, take time to relax? He apparently doesn’t. He just moves to a different subject! I had no idea that mummification could be so interesting! Thanks, Frank!

– Doug Kaufmann

Mummy Dearest and Bubba Ho-Tep

When fact meets fiction, fascinating and sometimes scary movies can ensue. Mummies bring visions of bandaged ghouls that return to life from the dead or sometimes never expired in the first place. Boris Karloff started it all with the first film titled “The Mummy” in 1932, which was inspired by the opening of Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922. There was no book prior to the movie and inspiration took a decade!

Amazingly, Boris Karloff as still the best of the ghouls ever only wore the mummy’ wardrobe of the deceased body wrapped in bandages in one scene. The Karloff’ Mummy named “Imhotep” could think in seeking the reincarnation of his lost love “Ankhesenamon”, but then you already knew that didn’t you!

But let’s return to yesteryear about 3,000 BC when Egyptian morticians first initiated the “mummy” business to supposedly prevent eternal chaos for those who had passed on to the other side. After receiving a corpse, the brain and internal organs would be removed and placed in a canopic jar molded from limestone with a carved cap of stone often in the form of a royal personage or animal head.

Then the body would be stuffed with straw to preserve the shape, covered with salt and oils to prevent rotting and then wrapped in linens; all taking about 70 days for the total mummifying process. Depending on the wealth of the family of the departed, the mummy would then be placed in a decorative sarcophagus (coffin) to remain, hopefully in peace for eternity. Later a solution of natron was used to soak the body, with natron being a naturally occurring combination dissolved in water of sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride i.e. baking soda and salt.

Mummies were sources of mystery and many curses culminating in the countless “mummy” books and horror movies of our times. To draw big crowds today, a museum need only announce a “mummy” display with the most popular having been Tutankhamen or Ramses II was seen by millions, including me.

Now what you probably didn’t know is at first mummification was extremely expensive and very limited in usage; almost exclusively by royalty. The process was simplified and became commonplace, with many even mummifying pets such as cats as an offering of the feline mummies to “Bast,” the cat goddess.

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For the less fortunate, thousands of bodies over a period of 3,000 years were just buried in the Egyptian desert, where the extremely hot and arid conditions created natural mummies literally in the thousands. Not to miss an economic opportunity, clever merchants began collecting these desert mummies and made a killing selling them as exotic treasures to thousands of excited buyers around the world. The rumor mummy dearest was delivered by “Ded-Ex,” gift-wrapped on Mummy Day is an unverified myth.

Then the mummy-oil salesmen, who existed long before American snake-oil salesmen, brought out the big pots to boil off the oils from the bandaged cadavers to be sold as exotic medicines for everything from sore throats to epilepsy to nausea. The rags-to-riches merchants ceased business after a cholera epidemic occurred in Europe blamed on mummy bandages; although this was possibly a bum wrap!