Mixed Berry Smoothie

Healthy berry smoothie Recipe

Here is a great recipe that satisfies our sweet tooth completely and stays budget friendly! Great for breakfast, a snack or dessert. You can buy your frozen berries in bulk to help save money, just read the label and make sure no sugar is added. I make my smoothie with almost all the optional ingredients; so don’t be afraid to add them all, it’s delicious!


1c coconut milk
1c organic plain yogurt (low-fat or whole are healthiest vs. fat free)
2c mixed frozen berries
9 drops liquid stevia, or to taste

Optional ideas:
1-2 tbs coconut flour or coconut cream concentrate
1-2 tbs almond butter
Shredded unsweetened coconut
10 drops Nutribiotic GSE liquid concentrate (for an extra antifungal boost)
Handful of spinach, extra nutrition, no taste
1-2 tbs Ground chia or flax seeds

*Use your imagination to your taste and to increase nutrition


Mix all ingredients, except shredded coconut, in a high-powered blender (I love my Vitamix blender) until well mixed. Add more berries if it is not thick enough.

Pour into cups and stir in coconut if desired (It adds a little crunch that is nice) and eat with a spoon because it is thick almost like ice cream. Enjoy!


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