Misdiagnosed Contact Lens Fungus

An English teacher lost an eye to an aggressive fungal infection that was apparently misdiagnosed by two different hospitals. She now speaks to ophthalmologists in her effort to educate them on eye fungal infections. 

MY TAKE: “aggressive fungal infection” or antibiotic induced “accelerated fungal infection?” Can you even imagine how many antibiotics were prescribed for this woman in hopes of killing the “bacteria” that had infected her eye? Antibiotics fuel fungus!
How does fungus get in the eye? In an earlier blog, you learned that many contact lens cleaners have corn in them. That same blog quoted an article that stated that 90% of the corn tested was found to be impregnated with fungal mycotoxins! 
Healthcare is changing rapidly in America! Learn to be proactive medical consumers! Stay tuned to Know The Cause! 




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