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Viruses or Fungus?

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You’re kidding, right? Look, Doug, there are Virologists who make a living studying viri and Mycologists who make a living studying fungi. No one would mistake one for the other-these are smart people, many with doctoral degrees in science!

STUDY: Bat-To-Human Leap Likely for SARS-Like Virus

They haven’t discovered exactly how this SARS type virus jumps from bats to humans, but don’t worry, they’re on it! And thank God for all of us, soon a new vaccine will save us all-especially the elderly and children!


A few years ago, bats began dying by the hundreds of thousands of “the white nose syndrome.” At that time I predicted that this syndrome had everything to do with fungus in their caves, whilst the experts wondered which bat virus this could possibly be? I was right. To this day, hundreds of articles still appear in the news about the scores of bats that are dying or have died of fungus. Now, reference to fungus has all but left scientific bat talk and a new SARS like “virus” has taken center stage.

It seems to me that when we become defenseless to fix a problem in medicine, it is much easier to change the name of the problem. Let me give you a classic example of this. We cause a condition called “mycotoxicosis” in cancer research lab animals, by injecting fungal mycotoxins into them. But once they have it, we cleverly disguise the true cause of the disease by changing its name. No longer does the lab animal have an injected “mycotoxicosis.” Now, it has a disease, of seemingly unknown origin (like human cancers), that we call cancer.

You’ve read my blogs. I’m the guy who introduced you to HIF. I believe that HIV (Human Immuno Virus) might sometimes be HIF, (Human Immuno Fungus) and there is very compelling data to support that we may be mixing up our bugs. Now, I’m going to step out and make another bold statement; Decades ago, while working clinically, I helped many people with “herpes virus” by using an anti-fungal that should have never worked on a viral disease. Either the patients weren’t being honest with us, were originally misdiagnosed, or I dreamed this and never actually witnessed it!

In reality, you cannot know how many people have communicated to me that their herpes or shingles “viral” problems cleared up while on an antifungal program. If so, were they viral diseases?


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