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Home Smells You Should Always Investigate

Home Smells You Should Investigate
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Some Homes Smells You Should Never Ignore…

Virtually everyone has walked into a building and smelled something that perhaps smelled…off. Many older buildings in particular have unique smells that are the product of years of use and old building materials. Similarly, new construction often comes with its own unique, immediately recognizable scent. Most of the smells you experience in buildings are not harmful but home smells should be analyzed.

Some home smells, however, can be a sign of a bigger problem. Certainly, things like the smell of natural gas or smoke should be investigated and reported to the proper authorities immediately. These can be acutely dangerous situations.

Other smells that warrant immediate investigation could be the smell of sewer gas in bathrooms, which can be flammable and/or toxic. Similarly, “fishy” or acrid smells could be the smell of plastic or rubber melting around overheating electrical appliances, which could start a fire. 

Other smells might not present an immediate danger, but should always be investigated. These include smells like a dirty dog smell, which could signal the presence of (living or dead) rodents or vermin in the wall or attic. The smell of decaying matter also merits investigation. 

One Smell You Should Never Ignore

Often, if you enter a building that is contaminated with mold, you will smell a musty smell, or even a smell that is similar to ammonia. These are smells you should always pay attention to, particularly if they are in your home or office space. Mold in buildings poses a significant risk to our health. Many doctors will say that moldy homes or buildings can exacerbate allergies or asthma, but there is some evidence that these indoor molds can have a more profound and far-reaching effect other than just upper respiratory irritation. 

In fact, inhaling molds and their poisons might be a significant portal of entry for these organisms to gain access to our body and subsequently wreak havoc on our health. If you do suspect that you have an underlying fungal condition, often The Kaufmann Diet and Anti-fungal program are enough to remedy these problems with some time… unless you are constantly exposing yourself to the organisms and their poisons via the air your breathe in the spaces your regularly inhabit. 

If you smell mold, or suspect that you might have mold lurking in your home, there are some things that you can do. You can easily test the air in your home or office with a mold test kit. If that kits comes back with pathogenic species of mold, it is crucial to have your spaces remediated. Always clean any visible mold with mold-killing cleaner, but remember that mold often lurks in unseen places, so often times, professional remediation is necessary. 

Keeping your spaces mold-free is crucial to enjoying good health; if your nose detects mold, you should always pay attention.

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