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Is Your Diagnosis Accurate?

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In 1960, Dr Meinecke published that fungi on blood smears are mistakenly confused with human blood cells.

In 1998, World Health Organization physicians, Costantini, Qvick and Wieland publish that the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test actually tests blood serum for 5 different fungi. The PSA test is not prostate specific, nor does it test for cancer. Pregnant women, they state, have elevated PSA test results.

2013, twenty-seven diagnosed lung cancer patients (clinically and radio logically) undergo testing for lung fungus and all 27 test positive. All take antifungal drugs and all get better.

2014, the British Medical Journal published after studying 90,000 women, that mammograms are about 58% accurate.

Already in 2015, Chinese researchers have developed a 20 minute breathalyzer test that “can discriminate different kinds and concentrations of cancer related volatile organic compounds (VOC) with a nearly 100% accuracy rate.”

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, because mycology (the study of fungus) is not taught in medical school, all of the experts seem unaware that VOCs are made by fungus and mycotoxins.

So, I have to wonder how many diagnoses have been wrong based on fungus mimicking blood cells on blood smears the past 65 years, because blood smears are still done today.
And I wonder if women know the real accuracy rate of their mammogram? Would they continue getting them if they knew that they were 8% more accurate than a coin flip?

At least there is some consistency noted here. Both the PSA and the new breath lung cancer test are able to find fungus inside our body. I see no problem with that. The problem, of course, arises when our doctors call positive test results “cancer.”


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