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Medicine is based on the treatment of symptoms, often without recognition of “the cause.” Doctors are trained to quickly diagnose and then write prescriptions to hush symptoms associated with the underlying disease process, because they admittedly don’t understand “the cause.” 

There are over 80 autoimmune disorders, none of which are understood, so medical charts everywhere across America state “etiology unknown.”

Yahoo Health writer Lisa Cool, refers to a recent publication in a journal called Natural Communications wherein Columbia University researchers state that they are “one step closer to potential diabetes cures.” The researchers have apparently modified gastrointestinal cells into insulin producing cells. In the best case scenario, they hope to develop a new drug that might be taken monthly instead of multiple insulin injections and at worst, maybe they would end up with a new drug enabling diabetes patients to inject insulin only once daily instead of twice.

THAT is a potential “cure?” I see the word “cure” differently than medical researchers. Their definition of “cure,” as is evidenced by their own research hopes of finding a new drug or injection to calm symptoms. My definition of “cure” simply means that symptoms have disappeared in the absence of drugs, or injections. Many of you have told me that you accomplished this by following the information in my book, The Fungus Link to Diabetes. You’d think that endocrinologists in America would be clamoring to get this lifesaving information to their diabetic patients. The book was published over 10 years ago and I have never received one inquiry from a physician for more information.

Have these researchers discovered a cure for diabetes? I don’t believe so. I contend that there will never be a cure for diabetes unless it acknowledges the fungal basis of the disease. A changed lifestyle can, I believe, prevent diabetes and quite possible successfully treat it. THAT, my loyal readers, is a breakthrough far beyond manipulating human cells!




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