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Yet another dangerous and very questionable drug has come onto the marketplace and the marketplace seems exuberant! Of course, the patients may suffer and die by taking Krystexxa, but with the cause of gout unknown, what options do we have but to take their medications? Besides, it’s FDA approved!

I don’t think that we need more gout drugs.  The current ones are antifungal drugs and THAT is the point we need to address to help those readers who suffer from gout. 


Gout is not the mysterious condition that slick medical marketers sell us on.  But as usual, since they do not “know the cause”, we’re easy prey.  Publishing a scenario surrounding the disease, they make you believe that you need their toxic chemicals to treat it.  But if I can help you better understand “the cause” you might then only consider very toxic drugs as an alternative approach. defines gout this way:

“Gout occurs due to an excess of the bodily waste uric acid, which is eventually deposited as needle-like crystals in the joints or in soft tissue. These crystals can cause intermittent swelling, redness, heat, pain and stiffness in the joints”.

Bodily waste?  In reality, uric acid is a corrosive substance and we humans cannot make it-so it isn’t “bodily” at all! Drug marketers are either hiding these facts from you, or it is entirely possible that they truly may be ignorant of the facts. Guess what does make uric acid?  Yep!  Fungus!

And that is why current gout medications work…because they kill fungus!  So is it time to add more extremely toxic medications?

You can see medical spin at work quite well here.  Gout is INDIRECTLY a uric acid disease, but what causes the uric acid?  Treat THAT and you’ll successfully reverse gout.  The question is, does that require this new drug Krystexxa?  Consider for a moment just how bad this new drug is.

In clinical trials before the FDA approved it, Krystexxa actually worked in less than 50% of those taking it!  To make matters worse, a whopping 41% of those taking it suffered severe infusion (IV) reactions, some life threatening!  All this to eliminate pain caused by uric acid, which is caused by fungus!

According to most every “expert” gout is a beer drinkers disease.  No it isn’t.  It is no more a beer drinker’s disease than it is an antibiotic or a wheat or corn eater’s disease.  If they can’t even get “the cause” right, do you feel that they are trustworthy?  Do you have gout or gouty arthritis?  Will your doctor recommend this new medication to you?  Will you step forward and try it?

I’d really like to know your response to this and PLEASE be boldly honest!  Please forward this blog to those who suffer from this painful condition because I’d very much like their feedback as well.  I’ll check back often!



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