As Long As We Remain Ignorant

Doug Kaufmann
I remember yesteryears sinus surgeries very well.  Not first handed mind you, but had I never figured out my own health problems decades ago, I’m certain that some sinus surgeon would have sold me on sinus surgery by now.  After all, they do convince 300,000 people annually that they need this admitted “not curative” surgery.  Do the math.  You may not have needed it, but somebody did. 


Here is my take, and I’d love your feedback.  In September 1999, the Mayo Clinic discovered that virtually all chronic sinusitis (for which sinus surgery is performed) had always been misdiagnosed.  But the plot, as well as the sinus secretions, thickens! You see, the mold used to treat sinusitis (yes, antibiotics are mold) in every clinic in America only assures the chronicity of sinusitis if the Mayo Clinic was correct 11 years ago.  Antibiotics fuel yeast infections.  Just ask any one of tens of millions of women whose vaginal yeast flares up every time they are given yet another “safe” antibiotic.

Based on scientific documentation surrounding the cause of sinusitis, why in the world wouldn’t they prescribe safe antifungal nasal sprays in lieu of 300,000 sinusitis surgeries annually?  It’s your turn to speak up-I’ll come back to respond again!

Kindest Regards! 



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