Fungus And The Brain

Doug Kaufmann
Some of my older medical books on fungus (Mycology) talk about fungus entering the brain.  This isn’t normal, but neither is it news to the publishing scientists.  Do you suppose fungus in the brain might cause a serious condition like epilepsy? 


Medical News Today reports that high fat diets effectively treat epilepsy.  My take on articles like these is….”OK…what caused the epilepsy”?  Of course, modern science is quick to place the label “etiology unknown” on most documents that refer to any health malady from head to toe.  As you and I have discussed before, there is very little money to be made in knowing the cause, but a fortune to be made in “hit and miss chemicals, lab tests and sharp needles.”

The article identifies both the ketogenic diet and a modified version of the Atkins Diet (he was so mocked and disliked by mainstream medicine when he was living, certainly they cannot now condone his original “Atkins Diet” without making changes) as very helpful in reducing the number of epileptic seizures.  Diet, you see, is a viable treatment and better than any drug they have for this condition-my words, mind you…certainly not theirs~

Both of these studied diets are grain free.  I’d like your feedback on why you believe that our brightest and best have now conceded that:

1)   Food fixes medical problems.

2)   Drugs have apparently not been as successful as diets.

3)   Grains, including “whole grains” are not being highly recommended by these experts…I’ll be back in but I’d appreciate your comments!  Might antibiotics have played a role in “the cause?”


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