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How to not get fat this holiday season. (part 2 of 2)

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Ok, we’re back and ready to continue the liberation from the spell of the dessert table.

Tip #3 Fill up on Healthy Fat
Fat has a high satiation value, which means that it makes you feel full. Take for example the coconut oil I add to my coffee each morning as Lindsey and I enjoy our quiet time together. One cup of coffee around 7am keeps me full until lunch time.

Adding fat to a meal is as simple as eating the entire egg as opposed to tossing the yolks, adding coconut oil to your coffee or Guiltless toast in the morning, adding guacamole to your holiday plate or choosing a less lean cut of meat at dinner.

I can hear what you are thinking, won’t fat make me fat?! Simply put, no. Don’t worry about eating more fat and becoming fat. As a fan of the Know the Cause show and Doug’s work, you have by now learned that grains, carbs and sugars are what feed fungus, cause diabetes, and inevitably make you fat. Dietary fat (the fat you eat) will actually do more to help you burn fat than store fat. (We’ll come back to this subject, for now just take my word for it and know that I personally eat what most people would think is a lot of fat each day and weigh less than I did in high school.)

daniel-crouch-1Tip #4 Carry floss
to all eating engagements…and use it after you have decided that it is in your best interest to stop eating.

No one sets out to overeat, it just happens one chocolatey covered bite at a time, and then before you know it, the stomach ache and the guilt set in and then you’re looking for a “tums” and wishing you had never taken your first bite of sweets in the first place.

I know this routine all too well, because it used to happen to me every holiday season until I started carrying floss with me. Now, when I am finished with my dinner, I quietly slip away to the rest room and use the most under rated weight loss tool in existence; floss.

Flossing helps to cut the taste and clean out the lingering flavors that cover your teeth, gums and taste buds that subliminally brain wash you to eat more and more and more.

However, if you take measures to clean out the chocolate, or pie, or ice cream memories from your mouth, teeth and gums and replace it with say the mint taste of floss, tooth paste, mouth wash or even a sugar-free slice of gum sweetened with Xylitol, you give yourself a fighting chance to keep from overeating. Are you really going to crave more ice cream after you’ve got that minty, fresh clean feeling?!

This holiday season take a stand and leave the table with your floss in one pocket and self control in the other. It’s possible, and if you follow these simple techniques, it’s highly likely.

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