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Christmas Letter From Doug

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Truly, at 35 years old, I believed that I’d retire at 65 and live off of social security and perhaps, if they did well, my investments would also pay dividends. At that age, I was building a small food allergy testing business in Los Angeles and couldn’t wait to slow down-but 30 years was a long time off and I didn’t really think of retirement then. There were kids to raise, friends to make and fungus to ponder! But I blinked and that 30 years has already passed me by.
I understand why people retire, but I’d guess that very, very few retire from a job or career that they absolutely love.

Are we competent when we are over 65 years old? Can we become 66 years young? The answer to both, scientist’s say is a resounding “YES.” You and I have both known 50 year “olds” and 75 year “young’s.” As a matter of fact, as I traveled the country lecturing, signing books and shaking hands, I met hundreds of 70-90 year “young’s!” Good for you! My aging goal is to be just like you! Yes, it is possible to be sharper than we were at 50 when we are in our 80’s, but more than just great genes in your cells, most of us have to work on it and sometimes that’s a bit difficult.

Yesterday was tough for me, because in the Christmas spirit, I ate some Kaufmann 14 foods, thinking that surely I’d get away with it! WRONG AGAIN! Not only was my body a bit sore, but also my brain seemed to be only 40% charged when I awoke. After a good 30-minute workout and a grapefruit, I was charging on all cylinders again! But eating poorly makes me fatigued, sore and a bit ornery. My wife will attest to that!

I received so many notes and emails from so many of you that it humbles me. At 25, I wanted to be a physician. But 4 years in the military and with a goal of surfing and skiing my way across California upon returning home from Vietnam, I soon knew that I had chosen the wrong career. Can you imagine who Doug Kaufmann would be today, if I had opted to study 16 hours daily and had achieved that MD degree?
Sadly, if there were a TV career in my future, today I’d be hosting KNOW THE DRUG! God has been good to me. Your friendship and loyalty has meant the world to me. Plan on watching me throughout 2016 as we continue to grow our KNOW THE CAUSE show distribution and introduce you to dynamic people and products.

So many of you have asked me “where did you go on my TV station?” My stated purpose was to teach you about fungus and the illness and diseases that it causes in we humans.

It seems that no one else is doing that and it is important. Sometimes we purchase time on a TV station and few people are interested in fungus (imagine that!), so we move the show to another TV station, which we hope shows more interest. Please know this. Everyone in the world who has access to a computer and the world wide web can watch a brand new KNOW THE CAUSE TV show everyday on the website you’re on right now. So if you miss the show on TV, at your convenience, go to my website and watch todays show! Thousands of you watch it before it airs on TV each day!

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to wish each and every one of you the most wonderful and peaceful holiday seasons you’ve ever had. We will have our family together on Christmas Day, thereby satisfying my “Christmas wish list!” Blessings, everyone! Doug Kaufmann



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