Is Depression linked to fungus?

Depression and Fungus

I’ve long said that successful medical intervention often works for one reason; they kill fungus. Chemotherapy, for example, kills fungus and some swear it cured their cancer. Other antifungal drugs have also been documented to kill cancer cells or to stop the metastasis of cancer. Now comes another study, this time by biologists at Texas A&M University, which………

finds that a popular antidepressant drug also kills fungus. You might recall that I taught you in the past that statin drugs not only lower cholesterol levels, but they also kill fungus! These researchers have just discovered that the well-known anti-depressant drug Zoloft, not only relieves depression, but it also kills fungus! I DO NOT recommend that you take any of the aforementioned drugs to kill fungus. Apple Cider Vinegar, for example, is safe and costs a fraction of what these drugs cost and it helps rid the body of fungus. I do, however, recommend that that you carefully think about the answers to these four questions 

1. If antifungal drugs kill cancer cells, then what must cause cancer? 
2. If cholesterol-lowering drugs kill fungus, then what must cause high cholesterol? 
3. If this antidepressant drug kills fungus, then what causes depression? 
4. Why is it so easy for us to figure this out, but so difficult for researchers?


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