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Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation
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leecowdenWe can’t see it, but it may be having a more negative effect on our health than most other toxins. ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) is produced mostly by the conveniences of the 21st century: electric appliances in our homes, overhead power lines, and Radio-Frequency devices like cellphones & cellphone towers, wireless internet, electric Smart Meters, etc.

The harmful effects from X-rays and ultraviolet light (forms of ionizing EMR that induce cancer) were discovered almost a century ago, but now there are studies that show non-ionizing EMR can produce cancer and other harmful effects.

Recently, the World Health Organization has classified Radio-Frequency (RF) emissions as a group 2 B carcinogen in the same class as the banned DDT pesticide and the heavy metal lead. This happened, in part, because a recent study has shown that the RF from cellphone use is associated with increased risk of developing malignant brain tumors. And now electric Smart Meters, which produce an RF signal almost identical to cellphones, are being installed by power companies on an ever-increasing number of residences and businesses across the USA. Power companies usually program these Smart Meters to gather data about how much electricity you are using in your house or business and then transmit that information to the power company through the air every one minute, 24 hours per day. Symptoms that are developing in many people exposed to the Smart Meters include fatigue, forgetfulness, anxiety, insomnia, depression, headaches, cardiac arrhythmias, various infectious illnesses as well as many other symptoms. Studies have correlated RF exposure with neurological diseases, reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, cancer and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. There is even some evidence that RF increases the rate of growth of fungi and other disease-causing microbes in the human body, as well as the biotoxins they produce.

So what should we do to try to protect ourselves? Create a sleeping sanctuary. The most important step is to make sure that your bed has no metal frame or box springs (use a wooden foundation sitting on a wooden frame with wooden headboard & footboard), and make sure you have no inner-spring mattress (an air mattress or fully-outgassed foam mattress is preferable). This way, there is no metal in the bed acting as an antenna to receive and amplify the ambient electromagnetic pollution into your body. It is also advisable to get rid of all cordless phones, to never use the microwave oven (a convection-air oven will cook nearly as fast without producing RF), to get rid of the wireless internet (or at least unplug it every night), to use land-line phones whenever possible, to use cellphones rarely & only on speakerphone mode, to unplug all appliances in every bedroom at bedtime (or better-still, turn off all electric breakers that supply power to the areas of the house near the bedrooms), and to refuse installation of an electric Smart Meter on your house (as well as educating all of your neighbors about the importance of them also refusing the Smart Meter installation on their houses). If you are ill and don’t know why, consider EMR as a possible cause.

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