CANCER: Rethinking The Cause



Earlier this year, Drs Luke Curtis and Lynn Jennings and I collaborated and wrote an eye-opening report on a known cause of cancer that oncologists are unaware of.  Because it was invited for publication in the cancer journal,  Oncology News, the article is fairly technical.  While some of the viewers of Know The Cause are scientists, most are not.  Join me this evening when I take a few minutes to reveal what this paper really says and how its content can be used not only to prevent cancer, but also to treat cancer, should you doctor allow.  Cancer patients desperately need options, because currently they are told they have only three; chemo, radiation and surgery.  I wholeheartedly disagree and will inform you of why I disagree right here on


Cells become cancer cells largely because of mutations in their genes.

FACT: Fungus produces at least 33 byproducts that cause genetic mutations.

Please ask everyone you know, who is instilled with fear about cancer, to join me….I promise, I will take no more than 15 minutes, but it will be a great way to begin thinking of what you can do to prevent cancer.  Thank You!   Doug

Click Here to download/view the publication

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