GoodBye Dear Friend…



My family and I have just returned from Los Angeles where we attended a memorial service for Denni Dunham. You knew her as the “Denni,” in the “Dining with Denni” segments on Know The Cause.

We met Dan and Denni in 1985 when our sons were born at almost identical times. Dan and I stayed very busy, but my wife and Denni became inseparable. 30 years ago, business brought us from Los Angeles to Dallas, Texas and the night before we left Los Angeles, Ruth and Denni cried as they said their “goodbyes.”


As close friends, they were on the phone constantly through the years. Dan and I were blessed to have wives who shared everything and loved each other in such an amazing way.

Denni had many gifts, not the least of which was her uncanny ability to take good food and make it better. We regularly visited Dan and Denni and their family in Los Angeles. Denni was always busy, preparing a full four-course dinner for us in their home. Our families converged, got updated on each other’s lives, laughed and, of course, ate and ate….and ate.
18 months ago, Denni was diagnosed with cancer. It rapidly spread through her body and in the end, it was stronger than the courses of treatment that she sought.

Yesterday, at her memorial, one song that was important to Denni was sung:
It is well. Please take a moment and listen to it.

Through it all, Denni focused, not on her own pain and suffering, but on her relationship with God and her dear family. What an honor it was to be called her friend. Many gathered yesterday and said our final goodbyes to her.


Denni was a lifesaver in many ways. Attending her memorial service were several people, who’s lives were forever changed because of her ability to introduce her love of The Lord to others. She constantly fed peoples bodies and souls.


Our tears and sadness will diminish, but our memories of Denni and her incredible family will live forever. For that, we are eternally grateful.



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