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Gluten Isn’t The Problem

Gluten Is Not The Problem
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Like eggs, butter, and saturated fat before it, gluten has become a target of anyone trying to clean up their diet. Gluten is simply a protein found in wheat, and many people are actually allergic to it––a condition known as celiac disease––so it makes sense for some people with a diagnosed gluten allergy to avoid anything made with wheat. Many other people though, who do not have any sort of allergy to gluten, claim that avoiding it makes them feel better. 

But is gluten really the problem?

Research indicates that certain parts of our food supply, in particular, wheat, corn, peanuts and some other common crops, are contaminated with poisons called mycotoxins. These are toxins created by certain types of fungi, like molds, which can infest these crops, particularly during storage. Even after these molds die, the poisons remain. 

So if you are eating bread, or pasta, or anything made with wheat, it is very likely you are getting trace amounts of these poisons regularly. Even if you don’t eat sandwiches every day, if you are eating pizza, pasta, or processed foods, you are very likely getting quite a bit of wheat in your diet, and subsequently, mycotoxins. 

Furthermore, foods made with wheat are often high in simple carbohydrates, which turn into sugar very quickly after we eat them. These types of foods are exactly the kinds of foods that would make a yeast or fungal infection in the body worse. These types of infections might be more common than people think, and they often fly under the radar, causing health problems that can be difficult to diagnose.

Many foods made with wheat also contain yeast, and while this is likely harmless in many circumstances, given that yeast can go on to cause serious issues in the body and itself can manufacture mycotoxins, it might be a good idea to avoid foods made with yeast, as well. 

So is it the gluten, or the wheat itself that causes people to feel bad? Or is fungal contamination what causes many people to feel crummy when they eat a lot of wheat or foods made with wheat? While gluten allergies and celiac are real things, perhaps there is a strong fungus link to the problems associated with wheat which have been blamed on gluten. 

The Kaufmann Diet eliminates wheat and any foods containing wheat, not because of the gluten, but because of the potential fungal problems associated with eating wheat and gluten-containing foods. It is worth noting too that gluten-free substitutes are often not good options for The Kaufmann Diet as they are, themselves, very high in carbohydrates. 

Ultimately, if you want to avoid gluten, the Kaufmann Diet is a good way to eliminate not just gluten, but all of the potential problems that come with it. 

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