Gene Mutation

Doug Kaufmann

Broken Genes Cause Serious Coordination, Growth, Visual, Speech, and Muscle Defects?


Doug Kaufmann

Genes are units of heredity in living organisms.  We are living organisms and have approximately 50,000-100,000 “expressed sequence tag” genes according to


According to a new study, ( ) a broken gene is actually responsible for causing rare neurological diseases. Let’s study this a little closer, because identifying what contributed to the mutated strands of DNA will probably more accurately identify the true cause of the neurological diseases.

First, what causes gene mutations?  That’s a simple one for any medical researcher.  Go to and type into the search engine “mycotoxin induced gene mutation” and up will pop 218 research studies.  Fungal byproducts called “mycotoxins” are very well documented as contributing to gene mutation and these research papers prove that.  Want to have more fun, although the implications are chilling?  Using the same website, type in “penicillium induced gene mutation” and 24 reports are yours.  Of course, penicillium is a mycotoxin.

Scientists are pros at “after the fact” eyeballing.  Yep, that’s a lump!  “I know it’s a lump, now what caused it?” These St. George University researchers are no doubt brilliant, but they are guilty of documenting the end result of fungal damage and then concluding that it was this damaged RNA and DNA that caused this neurological disease!  NO, IT WASN’T!  It was fungus that caused the gene mutation in the first place and given that several pathogenic species (capable of causing illnesses) that cause neurotoxicity, by ignoring the cause, neurological diseases as a grouping will continue to grow… as they scratch their heads and wonder…. 

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