Black Box Antibiotics

 The Hippocratic Oath Says:

“I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect.”

By Doug Kaufmann

Have you ever taken Levaquin or Cipro? These are in a large class of antibiotics called floroqinolones. Whether or not you have, I’m attaching a file that I’d like you to review.  Add these drugs to a growing list of those that may negatively impact your life forever because a “black box” warning has now been placed on them.

This is the cold and flu time of the year (read my upcoming newsletter article on November 1st) and I just want to warn you of the dangers of not taking care of yourself.  I believe that most often lifestyle decisions that we make cause the need for pharmaceutical drugs.  There is no shortage of physicians who will gladly prescribe these drugs for you, but they cannot be blamed.  So often you stress, eat or drink your way into requiring an antibiotic.  I hope this opens your eyes and you make good choices during the upcoming holiday season.

Have you ever had a bad reaction to antibiotics?  Share your story so that others can read it and perhaps prevent an infection that may require one.

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