Drugs For The Masses!

Doug Kaufmann

In an earlier communication, I blogged about then CEO of Merck Pharmaceutical Company’s Henry Gadsden, telling Fortune Magazine that his one regret was that pharmaceutical companies could only sell their wares to sick people.  What Gadsden wanted, was to be more like Wrigley’s gum because gum could be sold to sick and well alike.



That was in 1975.  Today, Gadsden would be proud of the pharmaceutical industry that continues to try to grant his wish.  Coming one step closer, scientists at Stanford University School of Medicine recently announced that statin drugs should be considered as routine medication for sick and well alike.  Soon, the words “medication” and “supplementation” will merge-for the better of the people, of course! This study proposing routine statin use was partially funded by The American Heart Association’s PHARMACEUTICAL ROUNDTABLE OUTCOMES RESEARCH AWARD.  Makes perfect sense to me!

If I may quote this article, it seems that a 24-month study entitled the Jupiter study “showed that more people could benefit from taking statins, even if they have low cholesterol.”

Now, it’s your turn to share your feelings with all those who enter this website.  Would you give your healthy son or daughter statin drugs?  Why, or why not? 

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