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Fungi also get Viral Infections

viral Infections
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Fungi & Viral Infections

A hybrid gene is created by joining portions of two different genes. I believe that COVID-19 is a hybrid gene created when its mother, a single stranded RNA virus commonly called “Severe Acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2,” or SARS-CoV2 and its father, Histoplasma capsulatum is a dimorphic (at body temperature, they can change from mold to the parasitic yeast form to invade the human body) ascomycete (a sac fungus) that grows in its hyphal form in soil and bird and bat guano.

Mycoviruses also called “mycophages” are viruses, like SARS-Cov2, that infect fungi, like Histoplasma capsulatum. Mycoviruses are distinct from those viruses that use fungi as vectors because mycoviruses are able to replicate within the fungal host, says one medical journal The Wuhan, China Virologists searching bat caves would have most certainly stirred up the soils in those caves containing billions of spores of histoplasma fungus. When they returned to their Wuhan Virology lab, mother and father, unbeknownst to the Virologists, met for the first time, and began creating baby hybrids.  Having their mothers’ and fathers’ characteristics genes, they would APPEAR to be baby viruses, but would RESPOND more like fungi.

Hydroxychloroquine has antifungal properties and many physicians used and trusted it for their COVID-19 patients. Additionally, we know that antifungal supplements like vitamin D3, Zinc and many others helped people with COVID-19, while antiviral medications have been less than effective.  I take antifungal supplements daily and encourage others to also!  

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