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Although I’m relatively new at it, I love social media! Without it, I may have never communicated with the incredible people I am on Facebook. As an example, please take a moment and read this real letter from a new friend, I’ll call David.

I grew up in the environmental control industry. My grandfather was a master electrician, my father a master boiler man and my uncle was a master plumber.
My grandfather started the company 1899 and in the 1960’s and 1970’s we specialized in indoor environments.

The 1990’s one of New York City’s largest hospitals was having problems with patients getting sicker and an emergency room nurse asked if we could assess the hospitals HVAC system, because she was continuously coughing and sneezing.
The tests showed that the system had a severe mold problem.
We brought in a duct cleaning company and also installed air purifiers. The problems were solved.
In 2009, I was hospitalized with septic poisoning, caused by cat scratch fever. This caused my heart to flat line in the emergency room.
The poison attacked my nervous system and left me paralyzed from the waist down.
I was sent to a rehabilitation center and that’s the first time I saw “Know The Cause.”  Everything Doug Kaufmann talked about made sense. I was lucky to meet an integrative physician whose belief was the same. Diet, supplements and exercise are the way to health. I ordered “Fungus Link to Weight Loss” and showed it to the doctor and he gave it two thumbs up.

I went from 360 pounds to 255 pounds in one year and now walk with the aid of a cane.

I happen to notice an online program for Natural Health and Nutrition and found a textbook on eBay called “Clinical Mycology.” Reading it has made me aware that doctors now agree that mycotoxins, made by fungi are responsible for many diseases.

David is undertaking a whole new career aimed at doing what I’ve been doing for 40+ years-helping people! I am both thrilled and humbled, simultaneously …. Thanks, David


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