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Crash Diets: Potentially Hazardous?

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A good portion of Americans are overweight––this isn’t any news to anyone. And while each of us must take responsibility for our own health, we live in a culture that isn’t particularly conducive to maintaining a healthy weight. But while dietary awareness is slowly being raised in our culture, many of us maintain hectic, stressful lifestyles; with fast food on every corner, multiple take-out restaurants only a phone call away, or convenient snack food always at arm’s length, many of us simply give into convenience more often than deciding to make healthy choices. Years later you find yourself 20, 30, 50 or 100 pounds overweight.

When many people decide to lose weight, they go to extreme measures to do it. Waking up to find yourself overweight leads many people to go on crash diets, or short term, highly restrictive diets that promote rapid weight loss. Many folks go on extreme calorie restrictive diets, eliminate everything under the sun or even try fasting to lose weight. In many cases, it is almost as if the method of losing weight is a type of punishment for having to lose the weight in the first place!

Most people want to see results quickly, and that is an understandable thing. But going to the lengths of fasting to lose weight comes with it’s own share of health consequences. And often, even if one does manage to lose weight very quickly, the weight comes right back on, because no new habits are formed; many people revert straight back to eating the same way they ate before they decided to go on a crash diet. All that punishment for what ultimately amounts to nothing!

What if your paradigm on weight loss changed, though?

The standard American diet is packed with foods that, in the long run, simply do not contribute to good health. Weight loss is only one symptom of the bad health our national diet affords. Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis––all of these diseases have a dietary component and are prevalent throughout our society. It makes you wonder; even if you could maintain a healthy weight eating this way, do you really want to?

What if you decided to change your lifestyle to protect against all these diseases, not just to lose weight? What if you realized that maintaining a healthy weight often results from a diet that works towards long-term health? It may be time to try the Kaufmann 1 Diet. The Kaufmann 1 Diet’s main goal is to starve pathogenic fungi and limit your exposure to fungal poisons inherent in our food supply. These fungi have been linked to the aforementioned diseases and many more. While on the Kaufmann 1 Diet, you’ll likely feel better than you ever have before. Furthermore, you will likely find that unwanted weight disappearing. It won’t happen overnight, but after a while, you’ll likely reach a healthily balanced weight.

Extreme diets or fasting to lose weight isn’t a long-term, viable option for anyone, and most that do simply regain the weight when they return to their former way of eating. Try change for the long-term; give the Kaufmann 1 Diet a try for a while. You may realize that you don’t miss your former habits after all!






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