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Exercising During Fall and Winter

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We’ve talked about how exercise is important for maintaining mood, But the importance of exercising is not just limited to boosting mood. Exercise is important for maintaining every major system in the body, including muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, etc. It is generally recognized that next to diet, exercise is one of the most key components to maintaining good health.

As part of the Kaufmann 1 Diet, exercise is encouraged as part of your overall health strategy. Exercise may not seem like it has a lot to do with fighting a fungal infection, at first, but exercise’s roll in maintaining a healthy immune system means it can help put you in the best position to fight off fungal infections naturally.

That said, as we move into fall followed by winter, many of us begin to slack on an exercise regimen, simply due to changes in the weather. Gone are the warm days of summer, when it is possible to simply step outside and go for a run, work in the yard or be active in the sun. It is during these times that it is perhaps more critical to keep our immune system strong, making it all the more important to maintain an active lifestyle and a regular exercise regimen. Below are 5 tips for maintaining healthy exercise habits in the colder months.

Join a gym.
Gyms are on every corner now. As people begin to realize the importance of staying active, it has never been easier to find a gym to join. Gyms come in as many sizes and shapes as the people that join them now, and there is a gym that caters to just about everyone. Sometimes, finding a community within a gym––via an exercise class or finding a workout partner––can help in maintaining a regular regimen.

Try Yoga.
Yoga’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, and like gyms, you’re likely to be closer to a yoga studio than you assume. Yoga is not just for yogis or young housewives; many professional athletes incorporate yoga into their regimen for the tone and limberness it affords muscles. Plus, many studio offer hot yoga, or yoga in a room with hot and/or humid conditions. This can be a warm welcome from the cold temperatures outside.

Watch TV.
… But not while sitting on a couch. There are countless work out programs provided via DVD or streamed online meant to be watched and followed along with from the comfort of your own living room. These are great if you are out of proximity of a gym or don’t enjoy other people watching you exercise. Many of these programs can provide profound results with less than 30-45 minutes per day.

Find cold-weather appropriate activities.
Cold weather certainly does not eliminate the chance to exercise for all. Snow and ice provide an abundance of outdoor activities––snow skiing, cross country skiing, ice skating, hockey, etc. Invest in some good cold weather gear and enjoy the brisk air that fall and winter bring.

Join an indoor sports team.
There are plenty of leagues available, not just for kids. These can be basketball, indoor soccer or any other game played indoors. This will provide regular exercise and the camaraderie necessary to stick to your exercise regimen.

*Always talk to your doctor before beginning an exercise regimen.

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