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Developing Good Eating Habits for Your Kids

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Genetics are implicated in so many of the chronic and degenerative diseases that plague we humans. But could it be that other things we inherit from our parents could play just as much a role in the health we do or do not enjoy as our genes, themselves?

Most people inherit more than just their genes from their parents––we inherit many of the habits they have, too. And while genetics certainly play a role in disease, science continues to discover that lifestyle plays a vital role in health or lack thereof, too. Therefore, instilling healthy habits in your children is one of the most important roles a parent plays in their child’s life. That example certainly extends to the way you eat, as well.

Children can be notoriously difficult to instill good eating habits in. Many children can be picky or unwilling to try different foods. Different parents can navigate this in different ways, but there are a few things you can do to help instill good eating habits in your kids.

1. Lead by example.
No one learns to walk or talk on their own; learning how to make healthy choice is the same way. Not only will eating a healthy diet, yourself, provide you with all of the inherent benefits of healthy eating, it will set an example for your kids. Furthermore, making the choices about what to eat in your household severely limits the options your kids have to choose from.

2. Hide nutrition in unexpected places.
Many kids do not like healthy foods because their palette simply is not acclimated to those kinds of foods. But doing something as simple as adding finely chopped spinach to eggs or a sauce, or adding avocado, kale or powdered supplements to a smoothie is a good way to “mask” the flavor of foods your kids may not otherwise enjoy. This, however, need not be a devious act. When your kids realize that health foods can taste good, tell them what it is in what they are eating.

Learning how to cook foods that are both health and delicious can take time, but it is important––both for kids and adults––to realize that eating health does not mean eating in a tasteless or less delicious way. (For recipe ideas that are both delicious and nutritious, visit our book store and check out the cookbooks.)

3. Encourage healthy treats.
While the Kaufmann 1 and Two Diets discourage sugar, there are plenty of ways to still get your treat fix while avoiding sugar. Often, people lose their taste for foods with copious amounts of added sugar––foods many Americans consume on a daily basis without thinking.

Regardless, everyone likes to have treats once in a while. For most people, that means something sweet. There are ways treat your kids without wrecking their diet. Avoid the processed, sugar-laden fare in favor of fruit or other Kaufmann 1–approved desserts. (Again, visit our bookstore for more ideas about how to whip up Kaufmann 1 and Two treats!)

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Part of being a kid involves pizza parties, birthday parties and rewards of candy for being on good behavior. It is inevitable that kids are going to eat things that may not be the healthiest food in the world; do not sweat it too much. Do your best to provide them with the best food and nutrition when you can. They’ll likely learn quickly how much better they feel when they eat a certain way as opposed to when they do not.


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