The Definition of Fast Food

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Many times when people start a diet, especially Kaufmann 1, they have a number of concerns. Some people worry about how easy it will be to find things to eat. Some people worry about the convenience of such a diet and how it will fit into their hectic lifestyle. Some people worry about cost. 

I just moved into a new house. My new room mate happens to be an excellent chef. Last night, we were debating about what to do for dinner. Since we are both trying to be healthier and more frugal, I suggested that I go get some food, and he cooked. Our deal struck, I went to the grocery store and bought 1.2 lb. of salmon for $11. I bought three heads of broccoli for $2.50, totally $13.50 for two people.

When I got home, Mark fired up his portable grill, similar to a George Foreman. He quickly and simply seasoned the fish with dill, sea salt and pepper. He used a little butter on the grill so the fish wouldn’t stick – each piece took approximately 4 minutes to cook. He tossed the raw, naked broccoli into a steamer for about 8 minutes.

So, within 10 minutes (not counting the trip to the grocery store) and for approximately $6.75 a person, Mark and I had a healthy, Kaufmann 1 meal that under certain circumstances was quicker and cheaper than picking up fast food.

If you have quick, inexpensive, practical ideas about how to eat Kaufmann 1, share them in the comments below!

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