Does summertime make fungal symptoms worse?


When bathing each day, do you feel worse for a short time? To the extent that fungi thrive in heat, hot showers and summer months tend to be difficult, especially for those who suffer from fungal conditions. But hot showers are different than some hot days.

Most of the research done on fungi is done by the food industry and centers on wet heat attracting certain fungi, as opposed to dry heat. Hot humid days are very much like hot humid showers, but dry heat does not seem to attract fungi like wet heat. For this reason, people who get out of a bath or shower and have itching skin or more severe reactions, often don’t have those problems…if the summer day is a low humidity day. Bad hair days are bad fungus days!

I have learned that to be healthy, is often to be actively antifungal! Getting rid of fungus isn’t a week’s long job. For some, especially we older Americans, it can be a “rest of your life job.” In cooler months, when you aren’t having these miserable symptoms, try eating differently and taking supplements. You know the drill…that’s what the Kaufmann Diet is all about: eating to starve fungus! If you’d eat this way in the cooler months, you may not have the symptoms you have come to expect in the warmer high humidity months. Also, supplements like Beta Glucan (, in addition to a good multivitamin/mineral supplement, may really expedite your feeling better when the heat is on!

You see, beta glucan empowers your immune system and vitamins and minerals that we used to get from our foods before they became boxed and canned, have natural antifungal properties! Also, if you get outside and walk several days weekly in the cooler months that may benefit you once warmer weather arrives. Sweating and sunlight are good!

The upcoming summer of 2020 may be a bit miserable for you, but if you really work on it, you may be thanking me come the summer of 2021! Only you can make the decision to accomplish symptom reduction by being actively involved in it! If you have health problems, always get a clean bill of health from a doctor before beginning an exercise program!

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