Does Candida Yeast Increase Cancer Risk?


3 years ago, Argentinian researchers published a paper that showed that over 1/3 of people with strong immune systems, had the single-celled fungus, Candida albicans growing on their gums and they proposed that since Candida is a disease-causing fungus, it could be causing health problems.

This study reports that nearly 50% of us over the age of 50 have some form of gum disease. Further, it reports that a 15 year follow up study of those with severe gum disease showed nearly a quarter of them had a higher risk of developing any kind of cancer. I’m not certain that is the case. Please bear with me.

Most doctors and dentists never know what germ they are treating. Is the infecting germ, viral, fungal or bacterial? They were taught to treat infections with antibiotics, assuming all infections are bacterial. Dentists know that thrush (oral yeast infection) is not rare and should not assume that oral infections are all bacterial, but generally speaking, most gum infections are randomly treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics are fungal poisons called “mycotoxins.” Long-term use of antibiotics significantly increases the risk of breast, prostate and lymph cancer, yet these cancers were not associated with gum disease.

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So is it gum disease that causes an increase in cancer, or the drugs used to treat the gum disease that increases the risk of cancer? I believe it is the latter; excessive use of antibiotics to treat gum disease, not gum disease itself is causing these cancers. The danger lies in doctors observing the effect and believing it is the cause. If they can convince you that your cancer is your gums fault and not their drugs fault, then drugs become the heroes rather than the villains.

This study not only confirms my decades-old hypothesis that fungus causes cancer, but it underlies the importance of a healthy lifestyle that minimizes exposure to cancer-causing therapies. If you need an antibiotic, take it! But then begin studying antibiotic alternatives, like a better diet, exercise program, and anti-germ supplements. Study as though your life depended upon it!

Research Material/Sources

1: Breast Density [PDF]
2: Causes of Breast Cancer [PDF]

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