Diabetes Patients Not Listening to Their Doctors!


What ungrateful people Type 2 diabetes sufferers are!  Imagine stopping your Metformin, a prescribed diabetes drug, just because you are experiencing stomach pain, heartburn, vomiting, gas, diarrhea, headaches, extreme tiredness, nausea, breathing trouble, muscle pain, or anemia.  Yes, the side effects of Metformin are dangerous and painful, yet you are scolded for wanting these symptoms to disappear.

This is an English study reported in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism.  As it turns out, a full 30% of all patients who were prescribed Metformin for their Type 2 diabetes stopped taking it.

Says a clinical researcher at the University where the research was conducted, “The importance of diabetes patients taking their prescribed medication cannot be underestimated.  A failure to do so can lead to complications in their condition including eye disease and kidney damage.  Medication, which is not taken, does no good for the patient but still costs the NHS money so this is an important issue.

The Fungus Link To Diabetes

The Fungus Link to Diabetes book

Diabetes affects so many people, yet “management” is often the recommended treatment.  Why do you have Diabetes?  Were you simply dealt a bad genetic hand, or did fungus contribute to it?  This is a must read for patients and doctors alike.  It includes the antifungal program and diets.

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Can you imagine such a condescending statement?  Our funded Heath care system is far more important than your vomiting and breathing problems! Can you imagine such a foolish statement?  It seems that money and drugs are far more important than a patient’s health and life! I believe that many cases of diabetes are linked to fungal infections.  If I had Type 2 diabetes, I’d change my lifestyle immediately and see if that didn’t fix it.  On the rare occasion that it didn’t, I’d be looking for an alternative approach to stabilizing my blood sugar levels!

We all have the ability to do internet searches.  Please study the medications you are being asked to take….before taking them.

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