Death by Red Meat…or Drugs?

A recent edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  reports that people who follow a vegetarian diet live 4-7 years longer than meat eaters.

MY TAKE-When the prodigal son returned home from his years of shame, his father ran to him, hugged him and then, in celebration, ordered the slaying of the fatted calf.
If red meat was eaten in a celebratory way two thousand years ago, why is it killing us early and contributing to disease today?

Prescription drugs kill 300 Americans daily… that’s DAILY! Annually, millions are injured simply because they swallowed prescription drugs exactly as their doctors prescribed them. We don’t need an MD degree to understand that prescription drugs, while they can help some people, are also very, very dangerous. We all have access to a media that is replete with prescription drug propaganda. You’ve heard the side effects.

This same propaganda that extols the benefits of prescription drugs, also enables the addition of these drugs to our red meat supply. Antibiotics are mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are fully capable of causing human illness and death, as are hormones. Yet both are commonly and routinely added to America’s red meat supply.
Cowboys didn’t die early because they ate red meat and neither do we. I believe that we die prematurely because we are taking prescription drugs … either directly, or in red meat.


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