Doctors, Drugs and Deals

A recent headline reads, Drug Companies Look to Profit From DSM-5. DSM is a book that doctors use to diagnose medical conditions, and the DSM-5, the Psychiatrists Diagnostic book, just hit the market. 

Why should drug companies expect even more profit than they already make with this newest edition? Let’s just say because they have “skin in the game.” The potential conflict of interest within the pages of this book is enormous.

The book is categorized by diagnoses and many of those who decide how to diagnose particular psychiatric disorders, have income trails right back to, you guessed it…the drug companies. For example, of all of the decision makers enlisted to diagnose anxiety disorders, 81% have financial ties to drug companies. Eating disorders judges jump to 83% and virtually all (100%) of the mood disorder judges have financial ties to drug companies.

MY TAKE-Didn’t our parents call this cheating? 
Any panel of experts who set medical diagnostic criteria should have no financial ties whatsoever. Z-E-R-O…PERIOD! 
What will happen here is quite obvious. It is my belief that most doctors are beholden to drug companies who they see as the only road to treatment. On the other hand, I have witnesses, so many people freed of their mental misery by making simple lifestyle changes. 
I believe that most people could be freed but this new book moves us further from that belief. To all who place their trust squarely on psychiatrist’s and drugs, I want you to know that the world you choose to live in just got a little bit better!



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