Yesterdays Hormone Replacements are Todays Statins

Do you remember the Women’s Health Initiative that was abruptly stopped when it was discovered that HRT drugs were injuring many of the women taking Hormone Replacement? As it turns out the “HR” was correct, but like so many things in medicine, the “T” was wrong. Female hormone replacement therapy using the common drugs “premarin” and “provera” were anything but “therapy.”

I recall doing a segment on TV maybe 7 or 8 years ago, in which the headline read, Hormone Therapy loses more ground-Doubles womens risk of dying from Lung Cancer. …Dying of lung cancer is now called therapy?

I bring this nightmare into focus because I believe that yesterday’s HRT is today’s “statin therapy.” Recently, James Masterson, MD of San Diego, California, gave a lecture dealing with yet another purported “therapeutic” benefit of statin drugs. Masterson found that statin drugs prevented the development of kidney stones. Of course, many publications now extol on the multiple benefits, over and above their lowering of blood fats, of statin drugs. Each month, it seems, researchers find yet another reason to recommend statin drugs to the point that today, even healthy people are being told to take them. They must be therapeutic! 

As you might expect, this research also concluded that the benefits of women taking statins were twice as great as men. It sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? Women, step right up to prevent wrinkles, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and even low libido. Just take this wonder-drug everyday!!! That was the HRT mantra 15 years ago.


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