Is Your Pharmacy Selling Snake Oil?



So asks Yahoo Health on December 18th, 2015. They state, “Controversial supplements with unproven health claims are often stocked just outside the pharmacy windows. But that doesn’t mean your pharmacist recommends them.”

I don’t think the headline is truthful. What kind of a person would sell products and then laugh at the suckers who bought them? I mean, you don’t see new Ford dealerships selling new Chevrolet’s anymore that you see health food stores selling prescription drugs! It’s just wrong! I believe that most pharmacists sell supplements because they use and trust them. They know the facts and they are working well for them.

Now, in response to this Yahoo Health headline, however, I believe that the answer is “YES.” Pharmacies do sell snake oil. Their potions kill over 100,000 Americans annually and injure millions more. Often nature safely supplies the same relief at little to no risk. If your case is not an emergency, yet the doctor wants you to start taking prescriptive drugs, you can either do so, or find and ask a nutritionally oriented doctor to help you weigh the benefit to risk ratios of each.

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