Breast Milk For Fungal Infection…and Cancer??



I received a phone call from a nurse some years ago when I suggested an alternative treatment on my radio show for a 10-month old child with a fungal skin infection called ringworm. As it turned out the mom was breastfeeding the child when she saw the skin infection and took the child to the pediatrician, who suggested a treatment that frightened her.
My suggestion? Lean forward and drop 2-3 drops of breast milk directly on the ringworm several times daily.
During the next weeks’ radio show, the mother told me that the infection cleared with the breast milk drops in a few days! We were thrilled and I told her to tell her pediatrician.
The nurse called right after the mother had told me that the ringworm cleared up. Amazingly, she was upset that I’d suggest breast milk as a treatment for any infection, let alone a “serious fungal infection.” She was merely expressing her ignorance on the topic of fungal infections.
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Mother’s breast milk is loaded with nutrition, much of which is strong 
antifungal nutrition. The antifungal nutrients lactoferrin and monolaurin are found in breast milk, (among many others), as are millions of immune-building white blood cells. Therefore, it should shock no one that breast milk would reverse a minor skin fungal infection.
But could that same breast milk reverse cancer? According to this article, it does appear to, and since I believe fungus and cancer go hand in hand, it makes perfect sense to me, but it doesn’t to others, like the nurse that called me.  cancer, you see, might be that “serious fungal infection” that she had referred to so many years ago.
As you read this article, keep in mind that breast milk is readily available, is free, cannot be patented, and is totally safe. Let’s see how many pharmaceutical companies run with this amazing breakthrough.



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