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Breast Cancer Chemo Worsens Cancer?

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What You Need To Know:

• A new study finds that some breast cancer drugs actually cause cancer to spread.
• Virtually all chemotherapy agents come with serious side effects.
• Many oncologists have grown so used to side effects that they feel it’s a necessary part of cancer treatment.
• “Alternative” treatments aren’t part of medical training and therefore are often criticized by professionals who have never studied or used them.

I sold chemotherapy for a living in the early 2000’s. The types of cancer my drugs were prescribed for included breast, prostate, and lung cancers, as well as chronic lymphocytic leukemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

So when I read the article in Natural News about the “bombshell” news reported in Science Translational Medicine about chemotherapy causing breast cancer to spread throughout the body, I have to say, I wasn’t surprised.

According to the study, the chemotherapeutic drugs that were used caused changes at the cellular level which are always associated with metastasis, (the spreading of cancer beyond its place of origin).

This is horrible, but it’s only news if you aren’t in the cancer business. For those of us who were in it, however, this is predictable.

The side effects of the drugs my company made were no secret. Secondary cancers were reported. Minuscule chances of recovery were the norm. Devastating the patients’ immune systems was expected.

And the crazy thing was that my doctors didn’t even ask to hear about the side effects when I met with them!

In fairness, it wasn’t that they were being cold or callous. It was because they expected those kinds of side effects with oncology drugs. To them, that’s just what happens when you treat cancer.


It’s a strange feeling when you realize you’re in an industry where devastatingly adverse reactions are perceived as the expected cost to fight a disease.

But when the very drugs you use to fight cancer are also causing cancer to spread, it’s insanity. 

Imagine if this is how it was with anything else in your life. What if the substance you put in your car engine to extend its life, also caused your engine to break down faster? Would you stand for that?

But that’s “normal” life.

We’re told that with medicine, it’s much, much different. The complexity of disease is such that mere mortals can’t comprehend why they must take a drug that spreads cancer while it supposedly fights cancer. But don’t worry, the “experts” will make those decisions for you; and if anyone warns you against their recommendations, they’re “quacks”.

Diet, limiting fungal exposure and the sugar it feeds on, exercise, sleep, hydration, stress reduction, detoxification, and all other natural strategies aren’t in the conventional medicine playbook. Medical professionals remain largely ignorant of the incredible power of these natural therapies. But even in their ignorance, they often protest you even using them.

Know the Cause doesn’t speak as your medical professional. We don’t have the legal right to offer medical advice, diagnoses, or treatments. Don’t regard this piece as a “What To Do” article.  Regard it as a friendly warning from someone who used to be in the oncology world, but couldn’t stand the madness of some patients losing their lives in the name of trying to save them.

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