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This is the introduction to my talk, given to physicians at the upcoming “Get Your Brain Back Now” seminar, held in Orlando, Florida on November 9-10th

The field of Neuroparasitology is relatively new and few practitioners have yet to explore this field when caring for patients with neurodegenerative diagnoses. Yet parasites do impregnate human nervous system cells and tissues.

Likely, the most common human parasites are fungi and these are certainly capable of impregnating any human tissue except the teeth. Several pathogenic fungi make neurotoxic secondary metabolites, called “mycotoxins.” This talk will expound upon two neurotoxic mycotoxins that humans are very commonly exposed to and their link to neurotoxicity and neurodegeneration. Since fungi thrive on dietary carbohydrates, the talk also explores the complex issues of neurodegeneration within the context of dietary components inducing it. That being the case, reversing this condition using anti-neurotoxins within our food supply will also be discussed.

Attendees will learn of antifungal pharmaceutical drug usage and the often-overlooked antifungal properties of natural supplements, both of which can aid in the recovery process. The road from neurodegeneration to neuroregeneration is a long and often futile one for many sufferers, but understanding the etiology of neuron toxicity and addressing it clinically, can be extremely rewarding.

I hope to see you there as I will be the emcee of the lay event and will speak there also!

Click here for details on the upcoming ACIM Event

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