Avandia & Drew Carey

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Has anyone else been following the Avandia story? In the last six weeks I’ve moved from Dallas to Austin to start school again, and I had lost track of the story, but I thought surely it would be a closed case by now. My logic follows that – diabetes drug causes serious complications>diabetes drug immediately gets pulled from the market>end of story. So I was a little surprised to see Avandia included in a headline the other day. Apparently it is still available for type II diabetics. 

For those of you not up to speed, Avandia is a newer drug that GlaxoSmithKlein released for diabetes that (surprise!) has some serious cardiovascular side effects. Avandia, according to GSK, is used to help control blood sugar along with diet and exercise. The diet and exercise disclaimer is the one that is always most laughable, and here is why; it is no secret, even in mainstream health talks, that blood sugar is totally controllable with the right diet and exercise.

Many of you probably remember Drew Carey as the host of Whose Line is it, Anyway? and as an actor/comedian in a number of other television shows. Drew has always been heavy, and until recently was a type II diabetic. Carey has since lost 80 pounds and is “… not diabetic anymore. No medication needed.” How did he do it? He ate meat, fruit, eggs, yogurt, but ate absolutely no carbs, and follows a cardio program. You can find the People article here.

Drew’s testimony is powerful for a couple reasons. While he doesn’t used the “C” word, not being diabetic anymore is synonymous with the word “cured.”. Drew is obviously not a doctor, just a layman who took control of his own health by using very simple, practical advice. If simple and practical advice is enough to cure a serious disease, who would even risk ingesting a potentially life threatening drug? Better question, who would continue to market such a dangerous substance under the guise of medicine, after failing to do their due diligence in their research? Updates to come on the Avandia case…

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