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Hey KTC blog readers! I bet you thought I had disappeared for good; it has been quite a while since I visited the KTC blog. Well, I haven’t jumped off the face of the earth or gone on a soul searching wander through the desert (although that sounds like it would be a good excuse for a camping trip…), but I have moved away from dear old Dallas. I’m now a resident of the Lone Star State’s capitol city Austin; I have since returned to the University of Texas to finish up, although I’m not quite sure what my degree will be in. Nevertheless, my mother is ecstatic that I’m simply enrolled in school. 

For those of you that have never visited Austin, it is worth paying a visit to. Austin is one of the more environmentally conscious cities in the country; it is very bike friendly and very walkable. That green, clean mentality extends to the food Austin-ites enjoy. Many, if not most, restaurants serve up local, organic produce, and I can’t tell you how many menus I’ve seen grass-fed meat on. Now, not all of that local, organic food is Kaufmann 1 friendly, but it sure makes eating a Kaufmann 1 diet a lot easier. 

I look forward to bringing you some good ideas from the capitol city, but I had something I wanted to bring up in my first blog back which is applicable to people who live in every city – traveling. Traveling is one of the greatest stumbling blocks to people eating on one of Doug’s diets; most fast food restaurants don’t offer anything edible on Kaufmann 1 or 2 and convenience stores have enough corn/grain/sugar concoctions that the mycotoxin content would probably kill a horse. Since I’ve been on the road quite a bit during my move, I’ve found a few things helpful for the traveling munchies.

1. Nuts.
I’m talking about any nuts other than peanuts and pistachios. (Here is why) Nuts are loaded with nutrients like selenium, “good” fat, and protein. They are satiating, require no refrigeration, and are great raw or roasted. Toss in some dried green apples or berries for a good trail mix. You can stock up before a trip, but nuts are among the only thing available at a convenience store that are kosher for Kaufmann 1.

2. Beef Jerky/BBQ.
This may be a little more specific to Texas, but I-35 is littered with BBQ joints and places that make real beef jerky. You need to be cautious with these two things; BBQ can be doused in sugary sauce and is rarely made with grass-fed meat. Beef jerky can contain tons of gross chemicals and preservatives, so be sure to check the labels. Either one in a pinch is better than burger and fries though.

3. Fresh Produce.
Stock up on green apples and berries for a trip. A lot of times you’ll see farmers selling fresh produce along the sides of the road; support local farmers and eat better while you’re traveling.

4. Coconut Butter.
Seriously my favorite thing in the world. No refrigeration required. Eat it with a spoon; amazing.

5. Bottled Water.
Kind of a no brainer, but the temptation for soda and sports drinks always creeps up on me while I’m driving. I like to substitute it with San Pellegrino, or any other kind of fizzy water.

What do you other Doug-Heads do to stay healthy on the road?

P.S. I apologize for the latency of the comments you all have posted; we are going to set them to automatically post when you write them. I want to encourage all of you to leave comments and talk to each other like a this is a message board; lets build a Kaufmann 1 community!

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