Komen Pushes Policy… And Fried Chicken

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On the way home from school the other day, I saw a bumper sticker on a car that said “I push policy” or something to that effect. Next to the phrase was a little pink ribbon and the name Komen.  

I don’t believe I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t know what the Komen Race For the Cure is, and everyone recognizes the ubiquitous pink ribbon countless companies proudly print next to their labels, denoting support of the the Komen foundation. Komen is responsible for raising money for breast cancer research; their goal is the total eradication of breast cancer from civilization. 

I would never talk poorly about an organization with such a noble goal, but I would ask what all the money Komen has raised accomplished so far. I’ve heard Doug talk on the show about the billions invested in cancer research. Are we any closer to seeing this rampant disease cured, or even easily managed? Where has that money gone? Cancer in particular seems like a giant financial black hole, consuming every dollar that gets thrown at it without so much as yielding a promising therapy.

Even if Komen does lobby for more money to get funneled into cancer research, do we really believe after all this time that getting more money lining the pockets of researchers is going to fix the problem? What about more practical solutions like better diet (like the Kaufmann 1) and sensible exercise rather than expensive drugs? 

On a more humorous note, one of the largest sponsors listed on the Komen site is KFC. If Komen knew the cause, I doubt they’d be peddling deep fried GMO chickens

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