Autoimmune Diseases and the Poisons that Cause Them

Autoimmune Diseases And The Poisons That Cause Them

Confusion exists when it comes to understanding the cause of the 100+ autoimmune diseases (AD) that people suffer from. Although genetic mutations are known to play a role in some, scientists continue to believe that these diseases are caused by an overreaction of the body’s own immune system.  Of course, this error leads our normally healthy body tissues to attack itself. If life were a science fiction book, I’d buy this, but it is not, so I don’t. No healthy human tissue is programmed to attack itself any more than you would lie in bed at night and begin punching yourself in the face.  Instead, I believe that infinitesimally small poisons do the attacking that leads to AD. 300 fungi have now been classified and proven to cause human illnesses. The fungi can cause illnesses themselves, but all make poisons that I believe do the real damage.  Scientists can easily identify the fungi, but not the poisons. This leads them to believe that rogue cells exist in some people, leading to AD.  Blaming healthy cells discounts the possibility that fungi contribute to Autoimmune Diseases.

The good news? 6 years ago, I was honored to have my educational paper linking these fungal poisons, called “mycotoxins,” to cancer, published in a cancer journal. Yes, cancer is just one AD that seems to elude our healthcare professionals. They may never know the facts linking fungal mycotoxins to Autoimmune Diseases. But now you do!

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