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At a Loss? Think Fungus!

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Most people in the world have some sort of health issue that they struggle with. Health problems come in as many varieties as the people that they afflict, and they can range from the gravely serious to the simply annoying.

They can be as definitive as excessive weight, cancer or diabetes, or as nebulous as lack of energy, mental fog or simply lacking a feeling vitality. Regardless, we all have the proverbial thorn in our side that is specific to us that keeps us from achieving that elusive feeling of vitality.

Modern medicine has sought to concoct a chemical combination to combat every single disease, ailment, ache and pain imaginable. This is most people’s first line of defense; their doctor will prescribe them a pill that targets their specific health concern. Many times, it will work. But often, the relief is only temporary. To combat this, another pill will be prescribed in lieu of the first, or perhaps to be used in tandem with the first. Or, perhaps certain pills will come a host of side effects. The answer to those side effects is often another pill. This domino effect is why you’ll see people on ten or more medications at once. The answer, it seems, is always another medicine.

This paradigm has also led researchers to treat every specific disease, ailment, ache and pain imaginable as though it were an isolated problem, separate from any other system in the body. The idea of the body as a whole being sick doesn’t seem to weigh heavily into treatment options, which target very specific things.

The whole idea behind the “alternative health” movement is to stop the targeting approach and treat the body as a whole entity, with each part affecting the other. This paradigm says that if you give your body what it needs in the form of proper nutrition and supplements, move it the way it was intended to be moved and rest it properly, it is going to function properly. Similarly, if you withhold the things from your body that make it sick, it won’t be sick. These are the fundamental principles upon which the idea of natural health is based.

Doug has published a volume of work arguing that the pathogen most overlooked by modern medicine that can cause our bodies to be sick is fungus. Sure, they’ll acknowledge that it can cause certain problems like nail fungus, jock itch or yeast infections, but nothing outside of a very short, superficial list and certainly nothing terribly serious. Doug contends otherwise. In fact, he goes as far as to say that if you keep this pathogen and it’s byproducts away from your body, there is a good chance you’ll save yourself from experiencing a host of health concerns.

This is in stark contrast with the modern medical approach mentioned above.

If you’ve tried the pill approach, if you’ve tried targeting that specific problem you face with a specific pill, if you’ve had to deal with side effects, combinations of drugs and are still at a loss as to how to feel better, isn’t it perhaps time to try something a little different? I would encourage you to think fungus for thirty days. Use this site as a resource. Our bookstore is another great resource. If after trying this approach for a while you feel much better, you might have just found the cause of what’s been ailing you!

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