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Knowledge- Enough to Be Dangerous

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I trust everyone had a restful Thanksgiving holiday, and that you all stuck to your Kaufmann 1 diets through turkey day… No? Well, if I’m being honest, I may have had a piece of apple pie. 

If you didn’t stick to your diet, well, it certainly isn’t the end of the world. It is nice to splurge every now and then, if for no other reason than to know why you changed your diet to begin with. Often you’ll wake up from that post Thanksgiving nap and not feel terribly well. And to think, before you switched to Kaufmann 1, you probably had gotten so used to feeling like that you had ceased to notice it!

I have a wonderful family, and I was lucky enough to get to spend Thanksgiving day with them. My mom and aunt are two of the most wonderful cooks in the world. They grew up learning how to cook in the grand southern style, and we had quite the spread for our Thanksgiving meal. Much of it, if not the majority of it, certainly didn’t conform to Kaufmann 1 standards. While they are very cognizant of their health, holidays are always the exception – it is more or less a free for all. 

A lot of my extended family isn’t particularly familiar with Doug’s work, and it is interesting to hear them talk at the table. As they scoop mounds of potatoes and rolls onto their plate, their concerns mostly center around fat in the butter on the potatoes and on the bread, the fat in the nuts atop the sweet potatoes, and the fat in the meat. The grains in the turkey stuffing or the bread doesn’t seem to be much of a concern.  

I have worked for Doug for quite some time now, and my immediate family is familiar with his work and the work that I do for them. I often get asked questions that I’m sure Doug would know how to answer, but I can’t always provide helpful advice for. I’ve spent the last nine years working with Doug, read all of his books, been surrounded by an amazing library of knowledge in the form of people like Kyle Drew and Dave Holland, and I’m still learning how all of this stuff works. 

That said, I know what Doug usually recommends to people as a baseline strategy. It is remarkably simple; simply change your diet to exclude grains, sugars and starches in favor of lean, grass-fed meats, vegetables, limited fruits and nuts. A more detailed of the Kaufmann 1diet can be found HERE and in our books, which are for sale HERE. This diet seeks to limit mycotoxin exposure while simultaneously starving any pathogenic fungi that may have made a home for themselves in your body. Doug’s diet strikes in the face of conventional wisdom, however, which says to avoid meat in favor of whole grains, which is why many people balk at the thought of getting rid of grains in favor of proteins. What of the fat content and cholesterol? The fact that high grains and mycotoxins may play a role in gaining weight or high cholesterol never comes up.

Doug and everyone that works at KTC would posit that no approach to health is complete without addressing the fungi/mycotoxin link to disease. This diet has helped countless people regain their health and rid themselves of problems, ranging from the very annoying to the very serious. Without this knowledge, people may have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. Often times, they won’t realize the detriment that conventional wisdom will bring. If you haven’t tried the Kaufmann 1 diet as a health solution, give it a try. You may surprise yourself.

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