What About Bob?

Doug Kaufmann

Have you ever seen the movie, “What About Bob?”  Within 2 hours, this movie did what few ever do.  In their attempt to show what stress does to a seemingly normal psychiatrist, instead the producers proved that the psychiatrist, more so than the patient, truly needed psychiatric help.

I bring this to your attention because it mirrors what I believe is occurring in medicine today.  This article, entitled, Children With ADHD at Increased Risk for Depression and Suicidal Thoughts as Adolescents, is very twisted to me. 



First of all, Dr. Everett Hughes at USC Medical School in the early 1970’s was one of the very early authors on Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and allowed me to co-investigate one research paper on the subject.  We were wondering at the time of this was a food allergy disorder and I had taken a course in food allergy at The Washington University School of Medicine sometime earlier.  In the 1970’s doctors first began noticing that some children, particularly boys, seemed hyperactive.  Before I go too far, let me remind you that the most commonly used childhood antibiotic, Amoxicillin can actually CAUSE changes in behavior and hyperactivity, but physicians have no idea that this is the case.


Changes in behavior and hyperactivity, of course were a literal home run for drug companies, because a disease cannot exist until drugs have been made to treat it.  That their drugs not only cause a child’s malady, but then prompt other drugs to be used is entirely unacceptable…unless you’re a physician, trained to use your hands to write in lieu of your brain to think.

It has long been my belief that 100% of these ADHD children were placed on antibiotics that altered their brain function and contributed to ADHD.  Antibiotics are documented neurotoxins.  Once these potent fungal byproducts have done their damage to the child’s nerves, more doctor visits, tests, emergency room visitations, hospitalization and most importantly…drugs…will be required.  This creates a devastating scenario for parents and millions of children, but an absolutely wonderful growth opportunity for the $2.4 trillion dollar business that has become “traditional medicine.”

Friends, I do not believe that ADHD further injures the brain that gives rise to depression and suicidal thoughts.  Think about this.  If their toxic antibiotics can cause ADHD, can their toxic drug treatments for ADHD further disable the brain and cause depression and suicidal thoughts?  ABSOLUTELY and here is the proof:  Suicidal thoughts and depression are side effects of the very drug they are given for ADHD!


Are they doing this on purpose, because they are not stupid?  


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