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Are you considering a COVID-19 vaccination for your children?

covid-19 Vaccination For Children
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My intent in writing this blog is not to dissuade you from having your children vaccinated against COVID-19, rather to have you understand where scientists are on this issue. You and your child’s Pediatrician need to have an open and honest discussion about this issue, but what should you ask? Are you considering a COVID-19 vaccination for your children?

I don’t know how many American 12 to 15-year-olds have died of Covid-19, but I do know that any loss of human life is a tragedy. Several months ago, I learned that 156 children died of it, so I’d imagine that under 200 children in that age range have probably died specifically of COVID-19 in the past 16 months. Did these children die “of” COVID-19, or did they die “with” COVID-19? There is a difference. I know that most would have died with comorbidities like cancer or juvenile diabetes.

Another guess would be that there are about 12,000,000 +/- 12-15-year-old America children. By factoring in those who had died with COVID-19, one can see how very few children succumb to this disease. Time Magazine broached the subject of KIDS COVID in April 2020 by stating,

“The fact is that we are not seeing preponderance of severe [COVID-19] disease in young children, which is distinct from influenza,” says Dr. Kristin Moffitt, an assistant professor pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and a pediatric infectious disease specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital.”

The following month the Mayo Clinic published this statement. Before you read it, know that 12 and 13-year-old children are younger that 14 years old.

May 06, 2021 · Research suggests that children younger than ages 10 to 14 are less likely to become infected with the virus that causes COVID-19

One month thereafter, in June 2020, Archives of Disease in Childhood, published this;

At the current time, children do not appear to be super spreaders. Policies for non-pharmacological interventions involving children are going to have to be made on a risk–benefit basis with current evidence available. Governments worldwide should allow all children back to school regardless of comorbidities.

Having said all of this, recently the FDA approved this experimental COVID-19 vaccination for children ages 12-15. Why, if we are not seeing a preponderance of COVID-19 in them? Why, if they are less likely to become infected or die of COVID-19? Why, if children are not super-spreaders? I don’t have the answers.

Please carefully consider this vaccine for your children, no matter their ages, because I predict that the 8-11 age group will be next in line for this experimental vaccine. As long as I have been involved in my work, over 50 years, scientists have been telling we, the people to ALWAYS weight the possible benefits of any medical therapy against the possible risks of that therapy. Should we be vaccinating children whose risk of death from COVID-19 is almost non-existent, or should we know that if they get COVID-19, not only is their recovery chance extremely high, but they will then have natural immunity, via B-Cell antibody production, to this virus? If you are considering vaccinating your children against this virus, please ask their pediatrician that question…oh, and this one too: if they get the COVID-19 vaccination, might they get COVID-19 thereafter, or will they be immune to this viral disease?

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