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Are Fried Foods Ok On The Kaufmann Diet?

Fried Foods
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Skip the corn dogs, but are other fried foods OK to eat on The Kaufmann Diet? It all depends on the ingredients you use. 

Unsurprisingly, foods like French fries are not permitted on The Kaufmann Diet, as are most foods that people might otherwise enjoy. But why exactly? Is it merely because they are fried? What’s wrong with fried foods?

Of course, fried foods, like fries, corn dogs, fried chicken, onion rings and a wide variety of other foods are typically high in fat. The fat content isn’t an enormous concern on The Kaufmann Diet (other foods like avocado, nuts, and grass fed beef have high fat content too and are acceptable on the diet). Often, however, fried foods are cooked in unhealthy oils such as peanut oil or vegetable oils which are not permitted on the diet. 

Additionally, these are often used repeatedly in the frying process; this can damage the oil, which can break down and produce carcinogenic compounds that wind up in our food. 

Also, as far as The Kaufmann Diet is concerned, many of these foods are often breaded in things like corn flour, bread crumbs, wheat flour and other ingredients that are not permitted on the diet. 

So, it is easy to see why most fried foods are not included on The Kaufmann Diet, but does this mean that all fried foods are not allowed on the Kaufmann Diet?

Like in any other situation, it comes down to what is in your food and how it is prepared. 

There are plenty of healthy oils permitted on The Kaufmann Diet that are useful for frying. Oils like avocado oil and coconut oil have a high smoke point and can be used for frying foods. Avoid oils like olive oil, which can burn more easily. It is advised not to use any oil repeatedly for frying. Do not overheat your oil––if the oil is smoking, it is too hot. Using a proper thermometer can be useful in this situation. 

Getting started with the Kaufmann Diet

If you are missing foods like fried chicken, there are options that are permissible on The Kaufmann Diet. Nut flours, like almond flour, can make a good substitute for other types of breading. Arrowroot flour or flours made from pseudo grains can also be useful to this end. 

Unfortunately, most of your favorite fried foods you would order at a restaurant are probably off limits on The Kaufmann Diet, but ultimately, fried foods are not altogether off limits. And just because you’re skipping a bucket of fried chicken doesn’t mean you can’t cook up some tasty, nutritious, and healthy substitutes at home using high quality ingredients at home. 

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