A Simple Kaufmann 2 Diet Shopping List


Incorporate a wider variety of healthy foods into your diet.

The Kaufmann 1 Diet includes a wide variety of health-promoting foods, but for many people, it can still feel like a restrictive diet. Particularly, if you are transitioning from the standard American diet, a large portion of the foods you are accustomed to eating are likely removed from your diet. Many people feel like they are being deprived, especially in the beginning stages. 

To make matters worse, some dieters will definitely experience a what is known as the Herxheimer reaction; as parasitic yeasts and fungi die off within the body, they release toxins. This can lead to flu-like symptoms, feelings of malaise, or brain fog. This, however, is only a temporary occurrence. 

After the symptoms of the Herxheimer reaction have subsided, removing many of these foods, such as grains, sugar, starchy foods, etc., can often influence profound changes in one’s health. Many dieters report feeling better than they ever have before, with more energy, weight loss, clarity of thought, and relief from symptoms that have plagued them for years.

Ultimately, while adjusting to the Kaufmann 1 Diet can be difficult, once people experience the results, it becomes much easier to maintain the diet. 

While many people might opt to maintain the most restrictive version of the diet, some people stand to benefit from transitioning to the Kaufmann 2 Diet. 

Switching to the Kaufmann 2 diet can have some benefits:

– A wider variety of healthy foods are included, such as certain healthy fruits, beans, and sweet potatoes. 

– The Kaufmann 2 diet allows for a wider variety of foods, making things like eating while traveling easier. 

– Certain enjoyable foods are allowed in moderation. Variety is the spice of life, after all!

It is advisable to re-incorporate foods slowly. The caveat with the Kaufmann 2 Diet is that if at any point symptoms should return, it is advisable to return to the more restrictive Kaufmann 1 Diet. 

In addition to your regular Kaufmann 1 shopping list, here are some items that would be included on a Kaufmann 2 trip to the grocery store:

Black beans
Pinto beans
Kidney beans
Green beans
Manuka Honey
Maple Syrup
Sweet Potatoes
Green tea
Black Tea
Flour Tortillas
Brown Rice
Cheddar Cheese
Parmesan Cheese
Mozzarella Cheese
Wild Rice
Red Apples

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