Goodbye to a Dear Friend.

On June 11, 2014, Know the Cause lost a great friend. After 15 years of fighting tumors and squamous cell carcinomas that caused pain, suffering and disfigurement, Don Pruitt went to be with the Lord. Don’s testimony left an amazing legacy of patience, humility, friendship and kindness to many Know the Cause viewers. Don changed his way of life of eating and in doing so he lived an extra 15 years. He refused the traditional ways of popular medical treatments.

I remember when Don would come to visit Doug at the studio. He would go through and explain all the things he was doing with supplements and foods and Doug would share things that he was researching, what other people were trying, and new information that he had heard about and then we would always end with prayer. I remember Don talking about how blessed he was with his wife Michele and sons Adam and Jake and daughters Melisa and Amie.

For the last 6 years that we knew Don, he willingly ask me to give viewers his personal phone number and told me that if they had the same health circumstance he would gladly tell them his way of life style change that had kept the disease at bay for him for such a long time. Michele told me many times she would walk out on the back porch, Don’s favorite place to be and she would ask who are you talking to. He would say a person from Tennessee or Minnesota or many other parts of the country. He always talked about the power of prayer and his faith in a loving God. His amazing wife supported him to the final hour.

His son Adam spoke at the gravesite with conviction and victory. He spoke about how Don extended his fight like a warrior and doing so was able to experience valuable time with his sons, their wives and his grand kids. Because of his willingness to change, he won the fight. His testimony lives on. Many people that Don talked to live today because of the pain and suffering he went through. Don won the battle. Well done thy good and faithful servant. Doug and I are better men today for knowing Don Pruitt.

John Miller

Know the Cause


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