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5 Tips On How To Mitigate Stress

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Stress is a killer. It is linked to a variety of health problems, from depression to heart disease. Yet, many of us are engulfed by it, either by circumstance or by choice. Regardless, it is an inescapable component of modern society. And since it is inescapable, we should all do our best to mitigate it and its effects on our body.

Is Your Diet Stressing You Out?

Poor diet does nothing to mitigate stress; instead, it can exacerbate it. A diet rich in sugar and processed foods is known to promote poor health and weaken the immune system; combined with a high-stress lifestyle, many people are knowingly putting themselves at risk for failing health.

Furthermore, many of the foods people eat on a daily basis are at risk for being contaminated with toxins produced by mold. If you are regularly eating grains, corn, sugar, peanuts or soy, you are likely ingesting small amounts of mold poisons, known as mycotoxins. These poisons are taxing on the body and promote disease.

Part of a stress-mitigating lifestyle should necessarily involve cleaning up your diet, in part by removing these types of foods. This is why the Kaufmann Diet was created.

Do Less

The Fungus Link Vol 1 By Doug KaufmannThere is never a shortage of things to do, but for many of us, there is a shortage of time to do nothing. Between jobs, social lives, families, hobbies or involved children, many people are simply overcommitted.

No one wants to neglect the important things in life, but that often means deciding which activities you participate in are most important, and cutting out those that simply take up your time.

Keeping margin in your life, or simply taking the time to spend at home with your family is just as important as being involved in a community or having an active social life. Taking time to disconnect, relax and re-energize is just as important to your success as the hard work spent at the office. Doing less will often allow you to enjoy the things you decide to do more, and be more effective in the most important endeavors.


Many do not realize the efficacy of supplements when it comes to managing stress. In addition to a supplement like a multi-vitamins, supplements like fish oil, magnolia bark, phosphatidyl serine or even magnesium can assist in mitigating feelings of stress, improve mood and promote calmness.

Supplements are not a substitute for a lifestyle change, but along with proper diet and exercise, supplements can give you the edge in combating the effects of chronic stress.

Commit To Exercise

Among its legion of benefits, exercise is known to assist in reducing stress levels.

Finding a physical activity you enjoy is key. For some, that means jogging, walking, or lifting weights alone. For more social people, it may be engaging in a team sport or attending a workout class. For all, it means better health and lower stress levels.

Regardless, find an activity you enjoy doing, and commit to participating in it.

Prayer, Mediation, Quiet Time

Quiet time for prayer, meditation or mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress levels, and just like committing to exercise or eat properly, it is important to commit time to quiet your mind.

Many people claim they have no time for this, but do you really need to spend more time on your phone or tablet at the end of the day? Or, do you need to wake up every morning and immediately read the news on your device? ‘

Taking time to be mindful instead of filling your mind with the news or distracting yourself with social media will work towards relaxing you and eliminating stress as opposed to encouraging it.

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